Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Very First Dttr Vinyl release! Plus two New Releases from NYC and Greece

Here they are...Hot off the Presses!

A brand spanking new Garm solo record!!!

B.R. Garm – The 78th Morning Tide – Vinyl LP - dttr 025
Here it is our first vinyl release. B.r. Garm is a member of Visitations and founder and owner of our local universe “Strange Maine”. The “78th morning tide” is truly a fantastical listen that is simultaneously foreboding and inviting. Side A opens with the title track and is a complete psychedelic journey unto itself, followed by a lady losing her mind and smokin’ on rainbows, a face off with Jesus and the devil, a tale of Windham Maine, a bombed out apocalyptic country song and a fuzzed out doomy cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s “Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald”. Side B begins with “Can You Feel It” which sounds like a loners take on Damo era Can. Followed rapidly by a duo of songs that cover the apocalypse and getting stoned, a song that sounds as if Black Sabbath never made it out of the bedroom, a sort of childs prayer called “So Many Men” (which we got to play on!), a deceivingly dark folk song called “Pretty Red Pony”, and finally a truly haunting and beautiful song called “At The End of The World”. Locked grooves end both sides! This whole record is a complete joy to listen too, infectious and hard to get off the record player. One of our all time favorites! This is Garm’s second release on dttr (other releases can be found on Mangedisc, and Time-Lag). Cover artwork by Hillary Irons, printed on thick old style jackets, accompanied by a pamphlet with lyrics and chords for those who want to play along. Limited to 500 copies.

Chuck Bettis  - Urgency Renewal – CD-R - dttr029
 A brand new release from longtime collaborater/tourmate and great friend Chuck Bettis . On “Urgency Renewal”  Chuck masters the art of spontaneous composition, pieces flow interrupt themselves and generally feel like a punch in the mouth, graceful yet  archaic. A brilliant album. Here’s how chuck described “Urgency Renewal” “solo electronic music recorded in various NY locations between 2010-2011, it's fucked up and raw!“ ABSOLUTELY NO OVERDUBS!!!(Chuck has collaborated with a slew of great folks and released many albums on various labels including Tzadik (brown wing overdrive), and dischord (meta-matics, all scars)))) Handmade and screen printed 
art work by Colleen Kinsella (20 songs - 53 minutes)

Dead Gum – Doubleganger –  CD-R - dttr 031
Dead Gum is the solo project of Panagiotis Spoulos (other projects of his include: Reverse mouth, Wham Jah, Postblue, and running Phase! Records), from Athens, Greece. This past summer we toured with Dead Gum in Greece and we were blown away every night. Doubleganger is quite a journey, the constant thread seems to be loner style electric guitar that feels like the end of it all … quite, desolate, brutal, noisy, and 100% sincere. Handmade screen printed Art work by Colleen Kinsella (10 songs – 38 minutes)

All are posted up on our Etsy!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Coming real soon...

We are slowly but surely getting our DTTr stock ready to post along with our very first Vinyl release B.R. Garm!!!
The records & jackets arrived last week. They look and sound amazing.
here's a teaser of a track from B.R. Garm's 78th MorningTide No. 25 in our catalogue:

CDR's & tapes coming out from Dead Gum from Athens, GR, Chuck Bettis from NYC, The Agrarians from Baltimore and 1 or 2 new Big Blood releases. Whew! that's alot, I'm tired already!!
++++Plus restocking of old favorites on our DTTR page- including books and 7"'s from Inspector 22.
Eternal otter Records and Space are realeasing Treble Treble Vol.3. It's a compilation of Maine bands including a track from us and two of our favorite Maine bands Village of Spaces and Kent.
Also it's pressed on BLUE vinyl w/ artwork by C. Kinsella.
Big Thanks to all of our friends families and psychic friends during this wacky holiday season. Occupy your minds!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BIg Blood, Prisma & Phantom Buffalo @ Maine College of Art, ICA Tomrrow night 8-9:30

In the front room of Maine College of ART's ICA Gallery there is a two week installation complete w/ couches, posters and a turntable for you to use and peruse the array of great records from Time lag Records founded and run by artist Nemo Bidstrip from Portland, Maine.

Time-Lag Records Listening Room

October 12 – 26, 2011

Opening reception for Time-Lag Records will take place on Thursday, October 13th from 6 - 8pm.

Live Music from 8-9:30pm with Prisma, Phantom Buffalo, & Big Blood

Time-Lag Records is an independent label that started in 2000, with a focus on vinyl releases that combine the highest possible quality production with an emphasis on the aesthetic of the object itself, and a deep love of interesting, unusual, and undiscovered music, both new and old. Come explore their full archive of vinyl artifacts and cds, as well as a 10+ year collection of poster art from concerts – all from the comfort of couches lining the gallery.

Friday, August 26, 2011


The Wicked Hex LP is an edition of 350. Caleb will be uploading it to the FMA archives on our page with WFMU as soon as he can!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thank you in Pictures... Part 1

The experimental Trip/Tour/Vacation was so wonderful, crazy and unforgettable.
We want to thank every single person who helped make it happen, fed us, housed us, hung out, played songs, gave directions....we made it home safe and filled with new inspiration for art, music and life.

Work doesn't suck as much when you can imagine: Athen's heat on a rooftop as the sun sets over the Acropolis, surrounded by friends, playing oscillators, performing burial rites eating homemade phyllo dough...or after the "show", watching a goat farmer spin a chair on one end while we screen print t-shirts off people's back while a French -Brazillian marching band plays the live soundtrack.

Thanks a ton to S-Baby CC Brother Oak ! You kept the coffee and the laughs coming while beating the skins and turning the knobs.
Europe 2011!

Tom K playing in St. Clet in the North of France...THE craziest night/party I have ever been to!
"Leviathan Song" Exhibition at S.I.X. Dogs, Athens, Greece

more pics of the show here....

...writing excerpts from Against His-Story, Against Leviathan by Fredy Perlman.
Thanks to Panagiotis and Sophia for making it all possible.
Sophia of Athens... my favorite Greek lady
Island of Syros, Capitol of the Aegean Islands

ORILA Rooftop Show put on Yannis and Visilas
the brains behind Reverse Mouth + Dead Gum+ Phase! Records Athens, Greece

Friday, July 15, 2011

New LP! Big Blood & The Wicked Hex fresh outta Athens, Greece

Greece Rules!!

Phase!Records has done it again! We are No. 83 in this awesome label's catalogue."Big Blood & The Wicked Hex" 300 Limited Edition LP's (hand screen printed) with S. Br. Oak on drums.

This release is a first glimpse at our more electric sound, true to what we've been playing around Spain France & Greece.

Write Phase!Mag @ http://phasemag.blogspot.com/ to purchase the LP.

It's so gorgeous... 2 color screen print in beige and black...done by Mihalis, Panagiotis and Sophia of Dead Gum & Reverse Mouth at Mephisto Studio/Printing Co. in Athens Greece.

below is a review of us by George in Thessaloniki, Greece. I used Google translate so you get what you get. George is extremely eloquent and google translate is not.
What a night....
Big Blood+Dead Gum @ Fuzz Bar (04.07.2011) Big Blood + Dead Gum @ Fuzz Bar (04.07.2011)

The fact that July 4 was the day of independence, the one year since the creation of the blog and the birthday of writer apparently have little importance. What is really worth mentioning on July 4, 2011 is the emergence of American Big Blood in Thessaloniki, in a rare appearance from all views (as there is a band that appears very often live) that will leave many memories to those who had the privilege to attend.

The initial consultation that we betrayed the pleasure to appear before us the "Executive" twin band Caleb Mulkerin and Colleen Kinsella. Fortunately, our luck goddess smiled, and this terrible duo sided and Brother Oak on drums making the whole concert experience even more rare!

Everything seemed perfect package, so a little after 22:30 the Athenian Dead Gum took his guitar doing an introduction to the rituals that akolouthouse.Prosopika I had not come back into contact with the music of Dead Gum, or more generally to the genre representing therefore I am more likely to be the judge. It certainly could not tell it is cold electric landscapes created by the music and are able to create an extremely claustrophobic and moody atmosphere! I do not know if it was his best show or not, but certainly adorned with the presence of this particular event.

THE hour had arrived 23:00 hopefully when Big Blood took their seats and started somewhere everything! Some might expect an acoustic show by the band and would not blame them, as they have some acoustic music compositions highest quality, yet they themselves chose to give us a more electrically charged show that certainly does not bother me any! With a new album in baggage (the really wonderful and highly collectible "Big Blood & The Wicked Hex") and plenty of fun traveled the more than 100 people filled the admittedly small area of ​​Fuzz Bar in a world of psychedelia! The same seemed to enjoy giving it 101% of their energy and experiencing really playing every note! Personally, I would like to dwell on the stunning voice of Colleen Kinsella, a voice with a rare metal that brought me to mind a great voices of American folk and country music and where the live performance was a huge surprise!"Oh Country". As for their set I was not personally complained, although I would love to hear the beloved at least for me "Oh Country". "She Sells Sanctuary" Compensated, however, and the above fact, the incredibly emotional performance of "She Sells Sanctuary" which captivated everyone!

Some live there would never be finished, but as all good things always end after about 70 minutes the Big Blood farewell our having left the best impression at all (and having left the window open I hope to return for a show still in future). Tip to those who buy the new album the band to do so immediately as once again deliver quality music lessons!

First and best in the same band for the rare opportunity given us to see it live. Big thanks to natural Fuzz Bar hosted this special event, to Panagiotis Spoulo, Alexandros Alexandridis and Lena Latinopoulou for valuable help and of course all of you who supported this event. But the biggest thank Costas deserves Kilymis to whom we owe in large part this evening (if there actually was he would not ypircheo this live)!He was the mastermind and helped greatly to live this night musical greatness that is at least personally I will remember for a very long time!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

shows shows and shows


6|8|11 Alicante, Spain Big Blood + Thérèse

Concierto del grupo norteamericano Big Blood ("Folk solitario, herido, privado...") y de la alicantina Thérèse ("folk extraño e intimista evolucionado hacia una locura absolutamente indefinible por encantadora").

Big Blood

Big Blood son Colleen Kinsella y Caleb Mulkerin, ex componentes de las bandas Cerberus Shoal y Fire on Fire, ambas referentes dentro del folk-rock experimental norteamericano. Br Oak se une a ellos con sus prehistóricas percusiones para la que será su primera gira Europea.

Su música se fragua predestinada a una oscura y apocalíptica celebración, llena de chillidos de hienas y lamentos de sirena, como si Lovecraft se uniera a Dead Moon y se unieran a Jefferson Airplane. Voces densas, caóticamente hermosas, y un frenético juego instrumental desde la impía costa de Maine.

“Feroz, psicodélico, y vengativo” - Michael Gira. “Estos dos tienen una forma de cantar sus sencillas canciones con un abandono y una discordancia tales, que al final todo se funde en una perfección devastadora y primaria. " - Brainwashed. “Su música, en principio estructuralmente simple y atmosférica, resulta absolutamente hermosa en un sentido absolutamente extraño y retorcido, sombrío, oscuro” - Progmother. “Folk solitario, herido, privado… Como si de un rabioso motorista se tratara, ya tarde en la noche, concebido y forjado bajo un corrompido y complejo sentimiento de industria post-militar” - Volcanic Tongue.

es el alter ego musical de la alicantina Nerea Pérez Álvarez. Colaboradora habitual de distintas bandas locales, inicia su proyecto en solitario, precisamente, tras conocer y convivir durante varios meses con los miembros de Cerberus Shoal, en su gran casa azul de Portland, Maine. Claramente influenciada no sólo por su música, sino, sobre todo, por su forma de entender el conjunto del proceso creativo, y cada vez más consciente de la necesidad de desvincularse de toda atadura conceptual, su folk extraño e intimista ha ido evolucionando en los últimos años hacia una locura absolutamente indefinible por encantadora. Prueba de ello es su último trabajo, Impermeable, grabado a medias entre Estados Unidos y España, y editado bajo el sello independiente Don’t trust the ruin. Un simple juego entrus...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NEWS from Us...

Europe is only a few weeks away!! Here's the tour poster for email promotional purposes. Download it if you like! There have been many changes to the scheduele so please check in when you can.

We'd also like to pass on....

PRISM index
is looking for some help with his next issue which happens to feature music by Big Blood & art by Colleen Kinsella. There a terrific Kickstarter by Jeff which explains just how awesome, in depth and sprawling PRISM index is. If you can give a little or a lot you will get serious goodies while supporting a unique handmade print and media publication. C'mon Now!

Also on the art scene...If you happen to live in Portland or will be in town between now and
June 5th, come see the Portland Museum of Art's 2011 Biennal.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

APRIL 30th: BIG BLOOD in Belfast @ The Free Range Festival!!!!

We are playing at 2:00pm with Shonny Bro and VoC @ First Church, 8 Court St
Other players of note: Asa Irons @ 11:45am Aarhus Gallery
Ancestral Diet @ 12:45pm Colonial Theatre
Cave Bears @ 3:15pm Waterfall Arts
Micheal Hurley @ 6:45 Colonial Theatre
Grass Widow @ 8:00pm First Chruch
go here for the full scheduele and links to the peeps who are playing! Northern Maine Rules!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NEW! Alex Lukashevsky - Prints of Darkness DTTR 028

Alex Lukashevsky - Prints of Darkness DTTR 028

Alex Lukashevsky is the founder and leader of one of our generations true hidden gems "Deep Dark United" and has been a constant favorite at our house for the last 10 years (in fact on Asian Mae's album DTTR 001 there are two Lukashevsky covers!). Alex's music seems to exist in it's own sphere completely outside of trend and agenda, though thats not to say that you know what your gonna get when you hear one of his albums, as each outing is it's own universe.
On "Prints of Darkness" the world created is truly surreal, playing out Like a long lost Alice Coltrane album.
We are proud as parents to put out the latest from the greatest, our friend and composer
P.s. we've restocked our etsy dontrustheruin.etsy.com also new to the site are big blood "dark country magic" cassettes.
...and we are NOT operating any Facebook pages or profiles. If you write us there we won't get yer messages. for direct contact: bigblood24@yahoo.com


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Europe here we come!!

We are planning a small tour of Spain, France, Italy & Greece
somewhere in June & July 2011.
If you have any interest or info about shows or festivals
please contact our friend Jorge below
EU Bookings
Jorge Páez @ Hell Yeah