Monday, November 5, 2012

Waited So Long...


After 11+ years of working alongside each other, my friend & colleague in Print at MECA, Elizabeth Jabar and I set forth to create a space entirely crafted,  printed, & sewn by us and our community of Printmakers here in Portland.

Please join us Nov. 8th from 5-8pm for coffee, music and viewing of this collaboration of epic proportions! 

F U T U R E + M O T H E R S 
Tent, Text + Totem
Elizabeth Jabar +Colleen Kinsella
The World Over
2012 MECA Faculty Exhibition
November 7, 2010 – December 22, 2012O
Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art (ICA at MECA) in Portland
Featured artists include Jeffrey Clancy (Metalsmithing & Jewelry), Elizabeth Jabar (Printmaking) and Colleen Kinsella (Printmaking), Adam Manley (Woodworking & Furniture Design), and Gail Spaien (Painting). All are current faculty members of the BFA program at Maine College of Art. The World Over is the sixth in MECA’ s series of juried thematic faculty exhibitions. This exhibition was juried by Amie Scally, Deputy Director/Curator of White Columns, New York.
Please join us and our families on Thursday Nov. 8th from 5-8pm for the Opening Reception. 
11.08.12 Opening Reception, 5-8pm. 
12.08.12 Performance, 7:00pm Alhan Middle Eastern Ensemble performs in the Tent.
Free and open to the public.
ICA, Maine College of Art
522 Congress St
0 4106

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Big blood "The Grove" Live

Thanks to Erik for shooting the video.
Thanks to Oak & the Ax for their beautiful venue!

Also a review on FoxyDigitalis of BR> GARM

BR Garm, “The 78th Morningtide” LP

October 10, 2012
By Matt McDowell
Terms like ‘freak-folk’ and ‘psych’ have been tossed around like so much confetti over the past few years, seemingly applied to anyone that has a delay pedal and oftentimes the results have very little to do (in my mind anyway) with the psychedelic experience. This album, however, is the polar opposite of that statement. You can apply generic descriptors to it and they would fit, but they just wouldn’t completely convey just how feral and imaginative it is. You can practically hear this guy’s brain melting onto the tape.
BR Garm is the work of Brendan Evans (Visitations, Strange Maine, Dark-Urrru, etc.), this being his first vinyl release with this project and, incidentally, the first vinyl release on Dontrusttheruin, home label of the Big Blood family. With lines like “My mind is gone/And I don’t want it back” and “Sittin’ on the back porch drinkin’ wine/Sittin’ on the back porch waitin’ for the end of time,” the whole thing has a dystopian punk edge to it that I find quite refreshing in these days of synth bliss-outs. The desperate urgency in his delivery is like the aural equivalent of being 16 and taking acid at the carnival in your shitty backwater hometown, sneaking off to smoke cigarettes behind the Laundromat and make out with your first love, not sure if you’re insane or if it’s just the buzz. The hellish lock groove at the end of side one only serves to drive the paranoia home.
At the core, Garm is just a man and an acoustic guitar, but along the way he’s accompanied by blazing squalls of fuzz, demented background vocals and pretty much whatever else he had lying around from the sounds of it.  This is a ‘bedroom-pop’ classic that could’ve come straight outta 1994, but also calls to mind earlier home-recording pioneers like The Great Unwashed and even a hint of R. Stevie Moore. Packaged in a full color jacket with killer artwork by Hilary Irons, it even comes with a songbook with lyrics and chords if you want to play along! It’s been out for several months, but they only made 500 of these puppies. Get it from Time-Lag.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

!!New!! Tapes & CD-R's from Dontrustheruin

Id M theft Able – Head Down inna Vitamin Blush CD-R/Cassette - dttr 034
Amazing new album from Id M Theft Able. One of our greatest (Maine/US/Earth) performer/composers

A highly evolved album, super thoughtful and well crafted. Each piece is a journey unto itself and always serves as a microcosm to the whole. In every sense Id M theft able’s output could only be made by him, and in our opinion has no rivals. 
In a league all it’s own. Out on both tape & CDR!

Hand made and screen printed (11 songs, 51 minutes)

Sam Gas Can – Supreme Power CD-R/Cassette - dttr 035

One of our favorite dttr releases.
Personal, funny, spirited and loose Sam does it yet again. 
Proving that music is alive and well. At times there is almost a feel of listening to an old radio program, while retaining all the personal touch of a masterful bedroom recording. We are pretty addicted to this one and can’t stop listening. Double release- tape & CDR!

Hand made and screen printed (12 songs – 31 minutes)

Mudang Rouge - Fantasy Horizon – CD-R – dttr 036
From New York to the moon and back.
 Mudang Rouge is a force to be reckoned with. 
Chuck Bettis, Jerry Lim, Evan Rapport, and Josh Blair create bone-chilling pieces,with a complete and total disregard for boundaries.Each player brings his own style and voice to create a quilt of sound. 
For those looking for a reference…
Coltrane/The Boredoms/Fahey/Ikue Mori/Can/Sun Ra/Haack
Improvisation of the highest order.

Hand made and screen printed (12 songs - 52 minutes)

AAAAAAAAAAAAnd a fresh bit of old news…
 we just put up a bunch of releases on cassette including:
Big Blood Old Time Primitives & Dark Country Magic
As well as new stuff by Garm  & Therapy Tapes!

Also be sure to check the 4 tapes for $20.00 here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Big Blood playing @ The Oak & The Ax, Sept. 29th

Live @ the Oak + The Ax
September 29th, 2012!!!
140 main street
Suite 107-Back Alley
Biddeford, ME 04005

Big Blood
Jeffrey Lewis
Video Nasties(Brendan & Chris of Visitations)
Tom K
Colesax in Crux(Adinah of Batshelter)

New releases Old Time Primitives on tape, IDMTheftable,
 Mudang Rouge &  Sam Gas Can.

The biggest news of all...Q Ball's first day of First Grade!!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Big Blood & Garm Saturday in Belfast, ME


Common Visions + Village OF Spaces + Big Blood + GARM + Planets Around the Sun + Paint the Face Painter Rose McBurney
Potluck 6 Music 7
12 Mill Lane Lane Belfast, Me 04915 Flier by Dan B and Amy Moon


Big Blood, Village of Spaces
Dreamaway Lodge

1342 County Road
Becket, MA 01223
(413) 623-8725

Monday, April 23, 2012

Immune Records releases Big Blood/Micah Blue Smaldone Split 12"

New record  with our good friend Micah Blue Smaldone! 

This is a beautifully printed record made possible from Immune Reords!
This split LP features new sides of material from Micah Blue Smaldone and Big Blood with a total running time of nearly 30 minutes.  Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket and cut to vinyl by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering.  The LP is limited to 500 copies pressed on high-quality virgin vinyl at RTI with a free download coupon.

Blood and Micah Blue Smaldone have previously worked together in the group Fire on Fire, who released a 5 song EP and  an album on Young God Records titled The Orchard (2008). At the request of Immune RecordingsBig Blood and Micah have combined their efforts again to share this LP. Side A features two of Micah’s new songs – “The Mule”, charged with the tension between one’s thoughts and feelings, and “Tell It To The Sun”, a calm reflection on the perils of cynicism. Side B features 3 new pieces by Big Blood centering around the idea of family past, present, and future.

Go see Micah Blue Smaldone on Tour with Coke Weed....
Fri 4.27 Bar Harbor, ME @ the Lompoc
Sun 4.29 Biddeford, ME @ Oak and Axe w/ the Black Swans
Mon 4.30 Portsmouth, NH @ Red Door w/ Food Will Win The War
Tues 5.1 Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Tig and Bean
Wed 5.2 New York, NY @ Cakeshop w/ Steve Gunn
Thurs 5.3 Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo w/ J. Wise, Sun Watchers
Fri 5.4 Montague, MA @ the Bookmill
Sat 5.5 Hudson, NY @ the Spotty Dog
Sun 5.6 Allston, MA @ Gay Gardens w/ Hyena

Friday, April 6, 2012

Out Now!!! Big Blood - Old Time Primitives, Agrarians & Sunwalker

Big Blood - Old Time Primitives - dttr 033  (CD-R)

4 track sketches, Odes to the old ways and what we think is a scott walker-esque ballad.
For sale on our etsy page here.
11 tracks free for download through WFMU here

SunWalker – Yoncalla - dttr 030 (CD-R)
Eric LaPerna (tarpigh, CS) and Caleb Mulkerin (big blood, CS) Two members from the Mr. Boy Dog era Cerberus Shoal get together and make an album. All over the map sounds: from exotic percussion and strings to angular guitars and drums… repeating themes that weave through out… Handmade and screen printed. Artwork by Cry, Cry.
For sale on our etsy page here.
11 tracks free for download through WFMU here

The Agrarians – Love Songs from 2010 EP - dttr 032  (CD-R)
The Agrarians is the long-standing project of Baltimorean Matt Perzinski. We have been trading mail with Matt since the days of Cerberus shoal… Though when he sent us this one we just knew more people had to hear it. Bold vocals, bold lyrics and a generally commanding tone dominate this album. A genuine and compelling release (more of The Agrarians here: and another great project of Matt’s called “The New Mystical Troubadours” here ) Hand made and screen printed. 

For sale on our etsy page here.
7 tracks free for download through WFMU here

Dark UrrrU(Big blood & Cry Cry) play @ the Space Gallery Annex 5pm this Saturday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NEW Big Blood CD-R ...Old time Primitives Out Next week

Hey Y'all!

we've got some new releases on CD-r...

Big Blood - Old Time Primitives

The Agrarians - Love Songs from Twenty Ten
(Baltimore solo tunes)

SunWalker - Yoncalla 
(Eric of Tarpigh and Caleb of Big Blood)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

+++++Winter Beat+++++

Dontrustheruin Records Updated Etsy store & News 

         featuring the artwork of Hilary Irons and Garm
(1st vinyl release by our label!)

*** from

Latest epistle from the whole “Strange Maine” cultus comes from B.R. Garm, best known as a member of communal folk/drone project Visitations. This one is a whole other blat of boo, with a pained/fried atmosphere that sounds like Roky Erickson circa Bleib Alien power-crying through a set of songs that combine the dislocated/downer feel of Skip Spence and Bob Desper with War Sucks/Familiar Ugly style Krayola-isms in way that makes it feel like lysergic protest music made by backwoods Vietnam vets that have just emerged from the jungle and are convinced that the war is still on. There’s a kinda warped Higney/Vega sense of urgency to the vocal delivery while the settings of mile-high acoustic guitar, ginchy fuzz and howling choirs of cross-eyed backing singers come over like a wild Philspectrasound DIY hybrid. Throw in the kinda loose, celebratory style of the Rolling Thunder Revue and some of the most memorable songs ever written about blowing your own mind and you have one of the most beautiful – and beautifully confusing – backwoods psych releases of the year w/a nice cracked/personal edge. Locked grooves on both sides for maximal disruption. Highly recommended.****

First, the artwork alone on the 78th Morning Tide makes it worthy of your expenditure.  Prior to discovering any pertinent information, or even sampling the goods, I knew that the grooves would bear fruit.  This one has been spinning constantly for the past week.  The 78th Morning Tide, by B.R. Garm of Time-Lag favorite, Visitations, is released on Dontrustheruin, a label run by Big Blood.  If you enjoy any of the aforementioned, then it's likely you will dig this record. 
The smoked out grooves on offer consist of lo-fi psych nugs of various tempo, utilizing acoustic and electric guitar.  I really dig B.R.'s style - when he sings, you can feel it.  Despite only using guitar, nothing sounds alike and the vibe is strong throughout.  The record glows warmly into the night, as B.R. does it his way:  telling stories about the apocalypse, getting stoned; of coming together in time of need; watching a girl smoking on rainbows and losing her mind; leaving the devil alone in the rafters; and the pretty red pony turning the frown upside down.
 Tomentosa sold their stock quickly.  The record is still available throughDontrustheruin.

Big Blood - DEAD SONGS LP 
Art by Colleen Kinsella. Released through Time Lag Records font

Village of Spaces - ALCHEMY & TRUST LP
Art by Amy Moon. Released by Turned Word

Human Adult Band - MUGWORT & SAGE LP 

***Big Blood -THE WICKED HEX LP is available through Pan

Cerberus Shoal  CD'S    

       Featuring\\ Alan Bishop of the Sun City Girls and the 18 minute "Ding"
       Released in 2000 by Pandemonium Records(Paris).
       North East Indie Records
       MR. BOY DOG
       Temporary Residence
       Temporary Residence
       Temporary Residence
       North East Indie Records
        North East Indie Records

Big Blood CDR'S In Stock!!!!
ALREADY GONE I                          
and more...