Sunday, April 13, 2014


The FMA is up and running, you can listen or downlaod for free  all three new dttr releases there:

Big Blood - Fight for Your Dinner Vol. I Here 
Inspector 22 - Devil is Friend Here 
The Agrarians - Love Songs from 2011 Here 

We also Added 4 older releases to the FMA they are:

Asian Mae - Collsing
Dark Urrru - Starlings in The Corners of The Treetops
Id M Thfft Able - Head Down inna vitamin blush
Tarpigh - Asiatic Potters

all of these and more here: 

We are slowly uploading everything to bandcamp here: 
free downloads if you like (thank you to all the people who have been paying)

New Website Here:

To Purchase: discogs Here

We had the great privilege and honor of working with the GREAT composer Elliott Schwartz for the Ant Girls Project that can be streamed here:

For More about the Fabulous Ant Girls go Here:

Monday, April 7, 2014

OUT NOW !!! 3 New Releases... Big Blood + Inspector 22 + The Agrarians

Spring is here.
New releases too...
                              New website :
                                                                       Etsy Page 

 The Free music Archive is not working at the moment. 
To listen to the albums go here:
We will upload them once the FMA is working.

Big Blood – Fight for Your Dinner Vol. I – CD-R/Cassette (coming Soon) DTTR 041
    Recordings from 1986-2014, Songs from comps, old family recordings, 
alternate versions, new and unreleased songs all under one roof. 
Hand made and screen printed. (17 songs, 53 minutes)

Inspector 22 – Devil Is Friend –  CD-R/Cassette - DTTR 037
  Each release from Inspector 22 just keeps getting better and better. 
Devil Is Friend makes no exception. Piercing instrumentals weave with classic song after classic song. A powerhouse of home recorded gems. 
A forever raw 30 minutes from our favorite dttr resident. 
What else can you say about a man at the top of his game? 
Hand made and screen printed. 
(11 songs – 30 minutes)

The Agrarians  - “Love Songs From 2011” – CD-R – DTTR 038
 The Agrarians “Love songs from 2011” (or …formerly His Other Crunk Jam Band) picks up right were “Love songs from 2010” (dttr 032) left off… Home recorded and blown out, urgent and direct. This is the sound of a busy man. Top-notch songs and amazing guitar solos make this a must in “the Agrarians” cannon. Hand made and screen printed. 
(11 songs – 30 minutes)

 Ant Girls exhibition coming right up....go here for more info