Sunday, April 26, 2009

Already Gone I & II

Here's the newest news...
Updates for those of you looking forward to our new double disc ...we have finished printing the covers, inserts and extras. We've assembled and packed them all up and they look very nice if we do say so ourselves. 
WFMU wants Big Blood and our new cds on their new Free Music Archives  feature article. If you don't know about WFMU is a terrific station in New Jersey that has killer dj's and programs that you can download for free. Our new cds and the whole Big Blood catalogue will also be available for download through the Free Music Archives.  
Time Lag will be getting the hard copies by May 15th as well  as North East Indie and Tomentosa Records. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sovereignty you...

Busy busy couple of weeks...and we still have one more show to go!

Big Blood plays Guthries on April 17th in Lewiston with Jessy Kendall and Denise Dill. We were asked to play because a friend of ours JK asked us-- and filmmaker Craig Saddlemire used our song Sovereignty You Bitch for a soundtrack to his film "Neighbor by Neighbor", a documentary about a 'visible community's fight' to be heard. Sovereignty You bitch is here thanks to Patrick. A link to hear and download Sovereignty

Tower of Song was wonderful... thank you to Alicia and Will for patiently waiting for us to get ourselves together enough to leave the house. Quinnisa had a great time too. What's not to love about playing up high in a tower among friends while your kiddo claps and even sings along to your cover of The Cult.