Monday, March 16, 2015

Buffy St. Marie come back to Maine!

Buffy St. Marie composed this song, God Is Alive/Magic is Afoot,  from an excerpt from Leonard Cohen's Beautiful Losers. Freakin' gorgeous. I talk more about this amazing human being here.
Her current tour dates with Morrissey(!) here.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

+++New! Big Blood/ Human Adult Band Split 7" OUT NOW++++

A beautiful looking +sounding hand cut split 7".  
Made by Third Uncle Records...
Big Blood  +  Human Adult Band (Kings of sludge, T. Penn ((Keeping it punk as shit since 94')) and company have no rivals. Lifers)

 Review by TPENN of Human Adult Band
'Half-Light Blues/Ain't No Hallowed Ground' 

Hand Cut 'lathe' 7" Record / DL
1 amazing exhibition of song writing by Portland, ME 
rock royalty, Big Blood. 
Call it freak folk, psych, new weird americana, rocknroll, either way Big Blood are a band who pay attention to detail and can make writing a damn good song seem easy. They are the Fred and Toody of New England. Human Adult Band (Mank, Chaz, Phil, T Penn) 
laydown an eerie improv thats ready to tilt and crumble at any minute. But hey, we make it to the 4:30 mark. Truly an honor to finally have a split with BB! Locked Grooves on each side. Only 29 made.

'sup winter

'sup winter