Friday, November 18, 2011

Coming real soon...

We are slowly but surely getting our DTTr stock ready to post along with our very first Vinyl release B.R. Garm!!!
The records & jackets arrived last week. They look and sound amazing.
here's a teaser of a track from B.R. Garm's 78th MorningTide No. 25 in our catalogue:

CDR's & tapes coming out from Dead Gum from Athens, GR, Chuck Bettis from NYC, The Agrarians from Baltimore and 1 or 2 new Big Blood releases. Whew! that's alot, I'm tired already!!
++++Plus restocking of old favorites on our DTTR page- including books and 7"'s from Inspector 22.
Eternal otter Records and Space are realeasing Treble Treble Vol.3. It's a compilation of Maine bands including a track from us and two of our favorite Maine bands Village of Spaces and Kent.
Also it's pressed on BLUE vinyl w/ artwork by C. Kinsella.
Big Thanks to all of our friends families and psychic friends during this wacky holiday season. Occupy your minds!