Friday, November 18, 2011

Coming real soon...

We are slowly but surely getting our DTTr stock ready to post along with our very first Vinyl release B.R. Garm!!!
The records & jackets arrived last week. They look and sound amazing.
here's a teaser of a track from B.R. Garm's 78th MorningTide No. 25 in our catalogue:

CDR's & tapes coming out from Dead Gum from Athens, GR, Chuck Bettis from NYC, The Agrarians from Baltimore and 1 or 2 new Big Blood releases. Whew! that's alot, I'm tired already!!
++++Plus restocking of old favorites on our DTTR page- including books and 7"'s from Inspector 22.
Eternal otter Records and Space are realeasing Treble Treble Vol.3. It's a compilation of Maine bands including a track from us and two of our favorite Maine bands Village of Spaces and Kent.
Also it's pressed on BLUE vinyl w/ artwork by C. Kinsella.
Big Thanks to all of our friends families and psychic friends during this wacky holiday season. Occupy your minds!


  1. Oh god oh god oh god

  2. Any news on the Sew your wild days, the dull knife records, and digitalis big blood vinyl releases ?