Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DEAD SONGS एंड ...

Thanks again to Time Lag Records! The LP's rule in beauty and quality thanks to Nemo!
( This is my first 12" vinyl release so deal with my enthusiasm and exclamation points!!!!)
good review: here

On Tuesday July 6th at APOHADION Theatre Horse Spirit Pentrates will explode themselves along with Genesis Climber both from WMASS, Shonny Baby CryCry(dark urrru, br. oak, deceh), and Asian Mae(big blood, fire on fire, dark urrru)!!
Shon and I will close out the evening...Caleb said he'd play on some songs with me and I said I'd play a song with Shon, so a bit of a mash up!
Loudies: HPS and G Climber will be playing first due to noise restrictions so don't be late!!
Starts after 8pm $7 suggested -- for the touring bands and the awesome Apohadian
thanks in advance!!!!!!!