Monday, February 23, 2015

++ 5 New Releases OUT NOW! ++Celebrate Big Blood's 8 Year Anniversary ++

OUT NOW!! 2 New Big Blood , Tarpigh, Inspector 22 & Hammer of Hathor all on CD & cassette.

Big Blood, dontrustheruin records and Quinnisa Rose are all 8 years old!

 22 albums, 1 East Coast tour, 1 European tour, a wedding, a honeymoon, an independent record label and a daughter who never ceases to amaze us we celebrate our all encompassing labour of love.

Quinnisa is now part of the band and helping us make music, as well as recording her own stuff … almost done with her own album now. Stay tuned!

Big Blood – Double Days I     CD-R/Cassette dttr043

1. On Waterfall's Head
2. Rabbit's Foot
3. Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath)
4. Double Day
5. for Gardiner Greene Hubbard
6. Disintegration (The Cure)
7. Full of Drape
8. Babies Looking Weird
9. ...But I Studied
10. You're Crushing My Heart

Big Blood – Double Days II CD-R/Cassette dttr044

1. New Plan
2. Endless Peace
3. Go See Boats
4. Micah's Old Room
5. Fire Stove
6. Wild Mountain Thyme (Francis McPeake)
7. Magnetic Green
8. Time Stands Still
9. Golden Heart

Inspector 22 is the genius of Todd W. Emmert, a  mid-coast southern gentleman of endless proportions. He has released countless albums (all of them are must haves, and should be tracked down immediately). “I Can See Through The Poison” is inspector 22’s 5th release on dontrustheruin and is a slab of  all instrumental mayhem, blistering noisy guitars edged with sepia toned fuzz. As always the onslaught is tempered, this time by the heavenly sounds of cheap keyboards and endless hooks. 8 Songs, 30 minutes.

Hammer of Hathor – “Sphere” – CD-R/Cassette dttr042

Hammer of Hathor were only among us here in Maine for a few short years, but  in there wake they left us “Sphere”, and man albums don’t get much better than this! An epic album of organic ramblings, resulting in the most woozy and entrancing listen. Amazing fuzzed out electric guitar, pulsing intoxicating rhythms that would make Louis Hardin (Moondog) proud. A living, breathing album that softens even the backmost roads of the winter laden north.   8 songs, 50 minutes.

Tarpigh – Miss the Sun (the wrinkly one) CD-R/Cassette dttr040

17 Songs by the best band you don’t know you should know… what?  Well for sure if you asked me anytime in the last 15 years what band is “Maine’s best kept secret” Tarpigh would be the answer. “Miss the Sun” is up there with all their  greats and has all the classic tarpigh elements. Beautiful melodies, exotic off kilter rhythms, shredding guitar, and endlessly weaving strings. A band that will always put you on your head.  
One of the greats, Tarpigh 4-ever! 17 songs 60 minutes