Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter brings gifts - Radio Valkyrie due out this Spring!

Maine Olympics...High Jump

snow sculpting...then drive through town
                                                 big drifts...
                                                          body tobogganing...

                                             Relay Race!

So we are having the best time with our snow days. Plenty of time off from the regular routine to make space for fires, music, food and snow fun. Speaking of music,  Feeding Tube Records a label and an actual record store  in WMASS will be releasing Radio Valkyrie this Spring.
Everything is done. Now we just wait...go here for more details about Feeding Tube and our record. If you happen to be in Northampton, MA go to Feeding Tube Records (90 King Street in beautiful Northampton, Massachusetts. Open Wednesday to Sunday from Noon to 6pm.) 
It's heartbreaking how many incredible records they have. I blew all my money the last time I went through and I am a stingy record shopper. I am still kicking myself for passing up a rare Can record set and a Howling Hex Box set. 

Happy Winter Y'all!