Sunday, April 7, 2013

Listening to WFMU- Best station in the USA and friends leaving the USA on Tour in Europe!

   Did you know WFMU DJs are Outrageously good AT DJING?
Also they play Big Blood, but that's not why we love ''s a few favorites...

Also...Micah Blue and Asa Irons will be on tour in Europe with their brand spanking new solo albums.
here's some info on Micah and their greuling Tour schedule! Have a great time guys!!
Say Hello to our Friends in Camerone, Maria, Charlie, Jorge & Gregor in La Faena II in Madrid!

Micah Blue Smaldone
A new album titled “The Ring of the Rise” will release on April 16.
Click on the above link to hear a promo track, featuring Colleen Kinsella from Big Blood, and my brother Tristan on violin!
The LP is available for pre-order here:
I will bring a bundle of these to Europe soon, the tour is seven weeks with my man Asa Irons. Check out his new album here:
And here is our itinerary, to be updated often en route:

04.07 Loubières, FR @ Chemin du Col del Fach (houseshow)
04.08 Igualada, ES @ La Bastida
04.09 Barcelona, ES @ La Virgen
04.10 Valencia, ES @ La LLimera
04.11 Alicante, ES @ 8 ½
04.12 Madrid, ES @ La Faena II
04.13 Zaragoza, ES @ La Lata de Bombillas
04.14 San Felieu de Guíxols, ES @ Atzavara Club
04.19 Pedemonte, IT (VC) @ Osteria Pane Vino
04.20 Mantova, IT @ Fuzzy
04.21 Savignano, IT @ Circolo Malfattori
04.23 Tarcento, IT @ Osteria sul Ronc
04.24 Ljubljana, SI @ TBA
04.25 Rijeka, HR @ TBA
04.26 Zagreb, HR @ TBA
04.29 Podgorica, ME @ TBA
04.30 Pristina, KV @ TBA
05.02 Greece!
05.07 Denmark!
05.10 Sweden!
05.14 Finland!