Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Our Thanks to everybody who came out on Sunday night for the Meg Perry Center Benefit.  Attar Cups were absolutely  lovely...Uke of Spaces Corners were f-ing magical!  Their friend Caleb played french horn, guitar. 
We had post-show late night jams that made all the pre-show stress worth it!

We had a great time playing and singing our faces off. Our set consisted of mostly new tunes written for the show soon to be out on our very own Dontrustheruin records. Caleb covered Missy Elliot's "Pussy Don't Fail Me Now". I played two songs "New Eyes" and "Dreadful Hope" off of our upcoming Time Lag release.

Speaking of new releases...
Our newest CD-R wont be posted for another week. Caleb is responsible for this...he doesn't like the quicky home made  Cdr we put together for the night of the show. I handmade 15 covers and sold out of 'em all. So those are the only ones out there. We are getting together a double cd for the Tower of Song show this Friday.

We play Guthries  Lewiston, Me on April 17th.
(more details as they come)

All of our releases are available at our friend Paul's distro  North East Indie
He's fully stocked up as of today!

Thanks to Lee lee for taking fotos of us and showing your killer art.

Monday, March 23, 2009

countdown(to fun)

   5  days until the Meg Perry Center show with Uke and Attar Cups and our new CD-R!  
                                      2 days until we play Portsmouth radio
                                          9 days until we play tower of song!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Barbed Beauties

 The Violent Femmes  were playing on our local radio station yesterday.   . The bass player's amazing spazzy lines and Gordon Gano's strained PMS-ee vocals ripped right to the bone. The raw, surreal and the real of their music  brought up the idea/luxury of making music and art on your own terms. About aspirations to make beautiful and deadly marks on paper and sounds in the air. Deadly as in exposing a truth.
Although I am seduced by beauty everyday . I believe it comes at a sharp and terrible price and so nothing --for me, can be just beautiful. My most powerful experiences with art and music are where the dark and dirty meet the opulescent beauty. Briefly exposed to sunlight in a burst of fire but never changing the works inherent grit.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

music on this thing!

can anyone out there help us put our music up on this blog or link to downloads?
 We want to put all our stuff up since grown so ugly has been taking a break from the bloggosphere.

Friends and blog 'followers' already have alot of our stuff up on the interweb. So instead of repeating them I'll just link you to them. That way you can see their sits and download big blood and hear it all from people who actually like the music not write the music!

Here's Captain Groovy's site The Real Nitty Gritty
and Peter html whiz The Pessimist Club

Eventually we'll probbly post our stuff but for now we'll start with some tunes you may not have heard...coming soon.

We do play out...sometimes

like on March 20 at Space we assist our friend and musician Chriss Sutherland as he releases his solo CD "Worried Love".

On  March 29th at Meg Perry Center in Portland with Uke of Spaces & Attar Cups.  

On April 3rd for the Tower of Song on Congress St. 


Big Blood doing "Hangman" @ Danimal's in NOHO

Big Blood and Visitations doing Blondie's "Heart of Glass"at Wickermania 3   
under the tent at Shannon & Bev's. 

Thanks to Sita Magnuson for the use of the photos

wonderful and terrible sounds

speaking of, have you heard these sounds?

Uke of Spaces Corners are on tour right now! This terrific pair of human beans make exquisitely lovely human folk music that truly make us happy.

Inspector 22 has a killer release coming out on our label.  All about death and cannibals and more dark and awesome things. 

Our Poor Neighbors have our heart in his hands.

"Such wonderful and terrible sounds I is hearing!" he said. "Some of them you would never wish to be hearing yourself! But some is like glorious music!" His face was beautiful in its blaze of emotions.
 Roald Dahl, The BFG

Monday, March 9, 2009

what the future brings...

We are working on one if not two Big Blood new releases for our upcoming show at the Meg Perry Center on March 29th in Portland, Maine.

We have an actual piece of vinyl coming out on 
Time Lag Records with new Big Blood songs.

Unitl then here's an older video of Vitamin C live 

(Thanks to Peter for the html heads up!)

the fear that comes when you are not making...

[...When I don't write, there is a very strange moment when I go to sleep.  At that moment in a sort of half sleep,  all of a sudden I'm terrified by what I'm doing. I tell myself: "you are crazy to write this", and there is a kind of panic in my subconcious...How I interpret this is: when I am awake working, in a certain way I am more unconscious than in my half sleep. When I'm in that half sleep there is a kind of vigilance that tells me what I am doing is very serious. But when I am awake and working the vigilance is actually asleep. It's not the stronger of the two. And so I do what must be done.]  Jaques Derrida, interview

the link is in the blog post title 

a link to a great link to a great link

A nice guy who wrote alot of nice things about us 
detailed twang

Our favorite station in Jersey and beyond

Music we love and put out on Dontrustheruin Records

Dontrustheruin Records is just us. We started up out of necessity wanting to self publish our own music without having to move a record through a label. We do everything ourselves with the exception of selling the discs through some friendly low key distributors.  We ask our friends and favorite living musicians if we can put out their music. Then we hand screen-print covers and Cd-R's, package them all up real nice and send the music out all over the world. Whoever writes us gets a CD-r if they are patient enough. 
Here are some of our releases: (Grown So Ugly blogspot has almost all of our releases available for down load in addition to reviews and other links. I can't figure out how to make Html tags yet so you must do the searching....if you know how to, please tell us)

 DTTR012 Big Blood & the Bleedin Hearts  
DTTR011 Uke of Spaces Corners  -  Watershed
DTTR010 Inspector 22 - IRNI
DTTR009 Big Blood - The Grove
DTTR006 &007 Big Blood -  Sew your Wild Days Vol 1 & 2 
DTRR008 Garm - Zeros 
DTTR005 Big Blood - Sahara Club & Space Gallery 1.27.07
DTTR004 Big Blood - Strange Maine 1.21.07
 DTTR003 Big Blood - Strange Maine 11.04.06
 DTTR001 Asian Mae - Collsing

write us here or contact us through our email address bigblood24@yahoo.com

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big Blood falls for a thousand years...

begin the begin,

...and the noise of sound hitting the ground 
   and the winds we wheeze with ease
   and in every finale the bang is around me 
   we explode with the sound and the sea
   singing our family's song
   big blood rolls on