Wednesday, March 2, 2016

++++NEW Tape Release Out Now on DTTR and a mystery package...


Dimples’ – Obsessional Dream – DTTR051 - CASSETTE 
pro dubbed/printed and imprinted.

Left Coast and Right coast converge on this beautifully fucked up jagged folk gem. Precision laziness from our friends Colby& Greg.
Think Mayo Thompson Corky-era-herk and you got yourself an “Obsessional Dream”.   
We loved it so much we released it, what more can we say?

Catch ‘em while you can..on tape OR LIVE--or both!
On tour with Tom K & Caethua
Details below.

Big Blood received a strange package from the Ukraine 2 weeks ago.
It came with (excellent)honey, an SD card of tunes(not pictured) and a mysterious tea. 
The address was to difficult to make out and there was no name in the package.
A gorgeous letter about our music and instructions to drink only one cup of tea at a time.due to it's "invigorating" effects.

WHO ARE YOU?  What kind of tea is this?