Monday, September 14, 2015

++NEW RELEASES ++ Video Nasties & Fragile Clark

Video Nasties – Horror Holocaust s.l.p. - DTTR049 – CASSETTE

pro dubbed/ and imprinted

Hands down our favorite band in Maine. Their 4th and finest release to date guaranteed to move your feet, hips and bowels. Disco/Punk/J. Wobble and J. Carpenter heroics. Word on the street is they do kids parties as well.... 
not my kid, NO WAY.
get 'em while they last
49 copies for Maine
49 copies for everybody else.

4 songs 20 minutes


 Fragile Clark – Frazzled Clark - DTTR048 - CASSETTE

pro dubbed/printed and imprinted.

Bedroom/Bathroom music of the highest order. Roky is still alive and kicking but I imagine that somewhere back in the early 80's he may have hallucinated a little piece of himself onto Clark's mind.... "leave your body behind" and hold onto your seats beats 'cause it doesn't get any better or cracked than this... outsider or insider music? You decide. Up next 16 worlds.

Fragile Clark - Loves you even if he doesn't know you, or knows you and has told you or implied that he hates you, or you insist that you hate him; NAMO KUAN SHR PU SA..... OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, KELLELUJAH, AMEN..... OM MANI PADME HUM.... NAMASTE.... DOO WHA DIETY, DIETY DUM, DEITY DOO 11:11

7 songs 22 minutes
FRAGILE CLARK"S Bandcamp here

Friday, July 24, 2015

Big Blood plays WFMU's Monty Hall JERSEY CITY Saturday July 25

...better late than never...

Monty Hall
43 Montgomery St.   Jersey City, N.J.
$10.00   7:30 doors 8:30 start
Presented by Scott Williams & WFMU

Monday, March 16, 2015

Buffy St. Marie come back to Maine!

Buffy St. Marie composed this song, God Is Alive/Magic is Afoot,  from an excerpt from Leonard Cohen's Beautiful Losers. Freakin' gorgeous. I talk more about this amazing human being here.
Her current tour dates with Morrissey(!) here.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

+++New! Big Blood/ Human Adult Band Split 7" OUT NOW++++

A beautiful looking +sounding hand cut split 7".  
Made by Third Uncle Records...
Big Blood  +  Human Adult Band (Kings of sludge, T. Penn ((Keeping it punk as shit since 94')) and company have no rivals. Lifers)

 Review by TPENN of Human Adult Band
'Half-Light Blues/Ain't No Hallowed Ground' 

Hand Cut 'lathe' 7" Record / DL
1 amazing exhibition of song writing by Portland, ME 
rock royalty, Big Blood. 
Call it freak folk, psych, new weird americana, rocknroll, either way Big Blood are a band who pay attention to detail and can make writing a damn good song seem easy. They are the Fred and Toody of New England. Human Adult Band (Mank, Chaz, Phil, T Penn) 
laydown an eerie improv thats ready to tilt and crumble at any minute. But hey, we make it to the 4:30 mark. Truly an honor to finally have a split with BB! Locked Grooves on each side. Only 29 made.

'sup winter

'sup winter

Monday, February 23, 2015

++ 5 New Releases OUT NOW! ++Celebrate Big Blood's 8 Year Anniversary ++

OUT NOW!! 2 New Big Blood , Tarpigh, Inspector 22 & Hammer of Hathor all on CD & cassette.

Big Blood, dontrustheruin records and Quinnisa Rose are all 8 years old!

 22 albums, 1 East Coast tour, 1 European tour, a wedding, a honeymoon, an independent record label and a daughter who never ceases to amaze us we celebrate our all encompassing labour of love.

Quinnisa is now part of the band and helping us make music, as well as recording her own stuff … almost done with her own album now. Stay tuned!

Big Blood – Double Days I     CD-R/Cassette dttr043

1. On Waterfall's Head
2. Rabbit's Foot
3. Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath)
4. Double Day
5. for Gardiner Greene Hubbard
6. Disintegration (The Cure)
7. Full of Drape
8. Babies Looking Weird
9. ...But I Studied
10. You're Crushing My Heart

Big Blood – Double Days II CD-R/Cassette dttr044

1. New Plan
2. Endless Peace
3. Go See Boats
4. Micah's Old Room
5. Fire Stove
6. Wild Mountain Thyme (Francis McPeake)
7. Magnetic Green
8. Time Stands Still
9. Golden Heart

Inspector 22 is the genius of Todd W. Emmert, a  mid-coast southern gentleman of endless proportions. He has released countless albums (all of them are must haves, and should be tracked down immediately). “I Can See Through The Poison” is inspector 22’s 5th release on dontrustheruin and is a slab of  all instrumental mayhem, blistering noisy guitars edged with sepia toned fuzz. As always the onslaught is tempered, this time by the heavenly sounds of cheap keyboards and endless hooks. 8 Songs, 30 minutes.

Hammer of Hathor – “Sphere” – CD-R/Cassette dttr042

Hammer of Hathor were only among us here in Maine for a few short years, but  in there wake they left us “Sphere”, and man albums don’t get much better than this! An epic album of organic ramblings, resulting in the most woozy and entrancing listen. Amazing fuzzed out electric guitar, pulsing intoxicating rhythms that would make Louis Hardin (Moondog) proud. A living, breathing album that softens even the backmost roads of the winter laden north.   8 songs, 50 minutes.

Tarpigh – Miss the Sun (the wrinkly one) CD-R/Cassette dttr040

17 Songs by the best band you don’t know you should know… what?  Well for sure if you asked me anytime in the last 15 years what band is “Maine’s best kept secret” Tarpigh would be the answer. “Miss the Sun” is up there with all their  greats and has all the classic tarpigh elements. Beautiful melodies, exotic off kilter rhythms, shredding guitar, and endlessly weaving strings. A band that will always put you on your head.  
One of the greats, Tarpigh 4-ever! 17 songs 60 minutes

Sunday, September 21, 2014

This Friday !!Big Blood Live with Video Nasties and more, SEPT. 26, Oak & the Ax Closing

The Oak and the Ax is closing it's doors as we know it. It's been a great time hearing and playing a part of the strange Maine sounds, eating veggie sliders, hot cups of tea or sake.Thank you  guys for a great run.
Friday night we'll party down collaboration style to celebrate this one of a kind place,
 140 Maine Street Biddeford, Maine.

8:30pm Greg Jamie +Colby Nathan

9:30pm Asa Irons + Village of Spaces

10:30pm Micah Blue Smaldone + Tom Kovacevic

Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Blood @ NEST FEST Tonight!!! Kennebunk see details below

August 29th!!  Below are driving directions with parking details. Remember to bring: camping stuff (if you intend to camp), eating stuff (if you intend to eat), drinking stuff (especially water, though I will pick up a few cases, as well), sunscreen (if your need it), bug spray (if you need it), if you have a grill (there should be enough, may not a bad idea to bring extras, probably fine though!) BUT extra charcoal is a smart idea.  Pets are welcome.  There isn't a lot of shade, so a cap or a parasol or something is advisable.  There are some ponds and spots to swim on the property as well, just so ya know!  Only major thing is to make sure not to walk on the cranberry bogs, thanks!  Oh yes, and there's no rain location for the show, if it just drizzles a lil we'll go for it, but if it's looking like heavy rains, we wont be able to have electricity pumpin' out there. Also, there will be portapotties.  

12:00 - Heart Murmur Sounds Good
12:40 - Family Planning 
1:20 - Greg Jamie (O'D'E'A'T'H)
2:00 - Ao Oad 
2:40 - Saralee
3:40 - DomeWZRD & Renaissance Bitch
4:00 - Nathan Ventura
4:40 - Dark Rodeo
5:20 - ded library (Witch Wolf)
5:40 - Yairms/AHLLHA
6:20 - Greg Hartunian
7:00 - Tom Kovacevic
7:40 - NE Patriots
8:20 - Big Blood
9:00 - id m theft able
9:40 - Video Nasties
10:20 - Guerilla Toss 
11:00 - the false woodsman (Lazy Magnet)
11:40 - God's Dogs   
and maybe mwchins somewhere in there if he can make it.  
schedule subject to alteration for suuure, YOU guys can play as long as you want!!!!

Directions heading NORTH on I-95:

take exit 25 for Kennebunk.

get off exit ramp, drive to stop sign, take a right. 

then take first right after crossing over the bridge going over the turnpike, Alewive Rd./rt.35 

follow that road straight for 3.5 miles

turn left onto Boulder Dr. 

follow that dirt road straight, ignore the sign that says to turn right, parking for bands is straight ahead right by where the music will be taking place. 

Directions heading SOUTH on I-95:

take exit 25 for Kennebunk.

follow exit ramp road to stop sign

take a right onto Alewive Rd./rt.35 

follow that road straight for 3.4 miles

turn left onto Boulder Dr. 

follow that road straight, ignore the sign that says to turn right, parking for bands is straight ahead right by where the music will be taking place. 

Colby Nathan


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

!SHOW! BIG BLOOD + Alan Bishop + Sam Shalabi + Portland Empire AUG. 18, 2014

Big show here in our neck of the woods on August 18th at The Empire in Portland for Big Blood, Alvarius BSam Shalabi
Witness Alvarius B a.k.a Alan Bishop (of Sun City Girls & the exquisite label Sublime Frequencies!!), Sam Shalabi of Montreal

Alan Bishop (AKA Alvarius B.) is a founding member of Seattle's avant-garde and genre-defying Sun City Girls, whose career spans 27 years and over fifty releases. His work in Sun City Girls, with Richard Bishop and Charles Gocher, alone stands as a testament to his fearlessexploration of the outer reaches of improvisation and composition. From their free jazz/post rockpsychedelic trio roots, to sprawling radio broadcasts incorporating noise, Italian pop, and sound collage, to gorgeous outer-national Arabic and Asian inspired folk music, the group maintained their singular and uncompromising path from inception. Their musical restlessness continues to resonate in the wake of the passing of Charles Gocher and their subsequent disbanding. As founder of the Sublime Frequencies record label, Bishop has released over 90 records, introducing previously ignored musical genres from Syria, Burma, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam,Niger, Thailand, India, Morocco, Egypt, Western Sahara, Cambodia, Algeria, and Turkey.And as Alvarius B., Bishop has penned hundreds of his own original folk songs in a primitive “out” style that is unlike anything that anyone else is doing now. This body of work is informed by an obsessive love of psychedelic rock & folk music, Italian film soundtracks, and an extraordinary sense of humor. Over much of the past four years, Bishop has been living in Cairo, composing & recording new Alvarius B. material while simultaneously establishing his own Egyptian-based band, The Invisible Hands.  
“I think it’s fair to say that in AB we have the most inspiring and wholesome, cussing, violent and truthful musical interpenetrator of the psychic Realities that has probably ever graced this fair and fucked land.” - Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle/Mimicry Records/ Secret Chiefs 3)“Sun City Girls were the Sun Ra of the 80s punk hardcore scene and the 90s indie scene, and remained the craziest, most interesting, and most inspired group into the millennium.”                 – Tom Lax (Siltbreeze Records)

Sam Shalabi is an Egyptian-Canadian composer and improviser living between Montreal, Quebec and Cairo, Egypt. Beginning in punk rock in the late 70s, his work has evolved into a fusion of experimental modern Arabic Music that incorporates traditional Arabic, chaabi, noise, classical, text, free improvisation and jazz. He has released 5 solo albums (including 'On Hashish' - a musical mediation on German writer Walter Benjamin, 'Osama', an audio collage on Arabophobia in the wake of 9/11, and his most recent 'Music for Arabs'), 5 albums with Shalabi Effect, a free improvisation quartet that bridges western psychedelic music and Arabic Maquam (scales) and 3 albums with Land Of Kush (an experimental 30 member orchestra, for which he composes). He has appeared on over 30 albums and toured Europe, North America and North Africa. Upcoming projects include the release of the 6th Shalabi Effect album, a duo album with Stefan Christoff, two albums on the Italian label Sagittarius with Lebanese, Turkish and Egyptian musicians and a tour in the eastern U.S with Alvarius B, where he'll be playing solo guitar and Ud (Arabic Lute).
Big Blood is from Maine and we like to make music

Sunday, May 18, 2014

!! NEW BIG BLOOD 2XLP "Unlikely Mothers" PRESALE on Blackest Rainbow!!!

This gorgeous double LP  picks up where Big Blood & the Wicked Hex left off.
Heavy, loud, repetitive and hypnotic songs influenced by Black Sabbath, Diamanda G, and
Dead Moon.

P. S. Big Blood - "Fight for your Dinner " cassetttes are up on Etsy.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


The FMA is up and running, you can listen or downlaod for free  all three new dttr releases there:

Big Blood - Fight for Your Dinner Vol. I Here 
Inspector 22 - Devil is Friend Here 
The Agrarians - Love Songs from 2011 Here 

We also Added 4 older releases to the FMA they are:

Asian Mae - Collsing
Dark Urrru - Starlings in The Corners of The Treetops
Id M Thfft Able - Head Down inna vitamin blush
Tarpigh - Asiatic Potters

all of these and more here: 

We are slowly uploading everything to bandcamp here: 
free downloads if you like (thank you to all the people who have been paying)

New Website Here:

To Purchase: discogs Here

We had the great privilege and honor of working with the GREAT composer Elliott Schwartz for the Ant Girls Project that can be streamed here:

For More about the Fabulous Ant Girls go Here:

Monday, April 7, 2014

OUT NOW !!! 3 New Releases... Big Blood + Inspector 22 + The Agrarians

Spring is here.
New releases too...
                              New website :
                                                                       Etsy Page 

 The Free music Archive is not working at the moment. 
To listen to the albums go here:
We will upload them once the FMA is working.

Big Blood – Fight for Your Dinner Vol. I – CD-R/Cassette (coming Soon) DTTR 041
    Recordings from 1986-2014, Songs from comps, old family recordings, 
alternate versions, new and unreleased songs all under one roof. 
Hand made and screen printed. (17 songs, 53 minutes)

Inspector 22 – Devil Is Friend –  CD-R/Cassette - DTTR 037
  Each release from Inspector 22 just keeps getting better and better. 
Devil Is Friend makes no exception. Piercing instrumentals weave with classic song after classic song. A powerhouse of home recorded gems. 
A forever raw 30 minutes from our favorite dttr resident. 
What else can you say about a man at the top of his game? 
Hand made and screen printed. 
(11 songs – 30 minutes)

The Agrarians  - “Love Songs From 2011” – CD-R – DTTR 038
 The Agrarians “Love songs from 2011” (or …formerly His Other Crunk Jam Band) picks up right were “Love songs from 2010” (dttr 032) left off… Home recorded and blown out, urgent and direct. This is the sound of a busy man. Top-notch songs and amazing guitar solos make this a must in “the Agrarians” cannon. Hand made and screen printed. 
(11 songs – 30 minutes)

 Ant Girls exhibition coming right up....go here for more info

Monday, March 3, 2014

Ice Drummer

The first seven Big Blood releases are up on our Etsy in limited numbers.
Go here.

--------Coming Soon--------- MARCH/APRIL

Big Blood - "Fight For Your Dinner" CD &  Cassette
Inspector 22 - "Devil is Friend" CD & Cassette
The Agrarians - "Love Songs from 2011" CD

---------Out This SUMMER/FALL-----------

Big Blood - Unlikely Mothers   Double LP   
on Blackest Rainbow Records(UK).

In other news...

Huge exhibition of work by the printmaking collaborators 
Ant Girls opening on April 11th in Lewiston Maine! 


Thursday, May 9, 2013

OUT NOW!!!!!!!!! NEW BIG BLOOD Double LP "RADIO VALKYRIE 1905 -1917"

 Thanks to Ted Lee of the incredible label/store FEEDING TUBE in NOHO Massachusetts for bringing it to light.
I did a post about this idiosynchractic experience of a  store. Tons of art accompanying this double vinyl. It's a soundtrack for rainy days and dark nights. Below is a track from Radio Valkyrie and a review from our man Ted @ Feeding Tube. We've got 'em for sale on our Etsy page.
You can pick up this fine record in Maine @ Strange Maine and Moody Lords.

Big Blood "Radio Valkyrie 1905 - 1917" 2xLP/DL
Edition of 500
This is only the second proper full-length LP by this Portland Maine-based duo, although there are vast arrays of CDRS and split releases littering their wake. After spending time with both the cosmically-shifting Cerberus Shoals and the folkily psychedelic Fire on Fire, Caleb Mukerin and Colleen Kinsella decided to opt for something more personal and hermetic. Thus, we have Big Blood. The band's multi-phasic discography has thus far reminded people of everything from the Parson Sound to Opal to Portishead at different moments, yet none of these thumbnails comes close to capturing the elegant mystery of their essence. Sometime electric guitar lines weevil hauntingly in the aether while acoustics strum quietly up front. At other points, muted chimes of freedom push against vocals and cloppety rhythms that recall White Noise's “Making Love Without Sound”. Still others vibe early Comus or The Third Ear Band. In all, the scent of smoke hangs as heavy over this record as any we've heard. And friend, we've heard a few.

Feeding Tube Records is a fine recordings shoppe. We carry a wide selection of new and used LPs, CDs and tapes as well as many rare records from the Ecstatic Yod collection. Call for specific inquiries. We also release handsome limited edition vinyl documents of artists operating on the fringe of obscurity.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Listening to WFMU- Best station in the USA and friends leaving the USA on Tour in Europe!

   Did you know WFMU DJs are Outrageously good AT DJING?
Also they play Big Blood, but that's not why we love ''s a few favorites...

Also...Micah Blue and Asa Irons will be on tour in Europe with their brand spanking new solo albums.
here's some info on Micah and their greuling Tour schedule! Have a great time guys!!
Say Hello to our Friends in Camerone, Maria, Charlie, Jorge & Gregor in La Faena II in Madrid!

Micah Blue Smaldone
A new album titled “The Ring of the Rise” will release on April 16.
Click on the above link to hear a promo track, featuring Colleen Kinsella from Big Blood, and my brother Tristan on violin!
The LP is available for pre-order here:
I will bring a bundle of these to Europe soon, the tour is seven weeks with my man Asa Irons. Check out his new album here:
And here is our itinerary, to be updated often en route:

04.07 Loubières, FR @ Chemin du Col del Fach (houseshow)
04.08 Igualada, ES @ La Bastida
04.09 Barcelona, ES @ La Virgen
04.10 Valencia, ES @ La LLimera
04.11 Alicante, ES @ 8 ½
04.12 Madrid, ES @ La Faena II
04.13 Zaragoza, ES @ La Lata de Bombillas
04.14 San Felieu de Guíxols, ES @ Atzavara Club
04.19 Pedemonte, IT (VC) @ Osteria Pane Vino
04.20 Mantova, IT @ Fuzzy
04.21 Savignano, IT @ Circolo Malfattori
04.23 Tarcento, IT @ Osteria sul Ronc
04.24 Ljubljana, SI @ TBA
04.25 Rijeka, HR @ TBA
04.26 Zagreb, HR @ TBA
04.29 Podgorica, ME @ TBA
04.30 Pristina, KV @ TBA
05.02 Greece!
05.07 Denmark!
05.10 Sweden!
05.14 Finland!