Friday, July 15, 2011

New LP! Big Blood & The Wicked Hex fresh outta Athens, Greece

Greece Rules!!

Phase!Records has done it again! We are No. 83 in this awesome label's catalogue."Big Blood & The Wicked Hex" 300 Limited Edition LP's (hand screen printed) with S. Br. Oak on drums.

This release is a first glimpse at our more electric sound, true to what we've been playing around Spain France & Greece.

Write Phase!Mag @ to purchase the LP.

It's so gorgeous... 2 color screen print in beige and black...done by Mihalis, Panagiotis and Sophia of Dead Gum & Reverse Mouth at Mephisto Studio/Printing Co. in Athens Greece.

below is a review of us by George in Thessaloniki, Greece. I used Google translate so you get what you get. George is extremely eloquent and google translate is not.
What a night....
Big Blood+Dead Gum @ Fuzz Bar (04.07.2011) Big Blood + Dead Gum @ Fuzz Bar (04.07.2011)

The fact that July 4 was the day of independence, the one year since the creation of the blog and the birthday of writer apparently have little importance. What is really worth mentioning on July 4, 2011 is the emergence of American Big Blood in Thessaloniki, in a rare appearance from all views (as there is a band that appears very often live) that will leave many memories to those who had the privilege to attend.

The initial consultation that we betrayed the pleasure to appear before us the "Executive" twin band Caleb Mulkerin and Colleen Kinsella. Fortunately, our luck goddess smiled, and this terrible duo sided and Brother Oak on drums making the whole concert experience even more rare!

Everything seemed perfect package, so a little after 22:30 the Athenian Dead Gum took his guitar doing an introduction to the rituals that akolouthouse.Prosopika I had not come back into contact with the music of Dead Gum, or more generally to the genre representing therefore I am more likely to be the judge. It certainly could not tell it is cold electric landscapes created by the music and are able to create an extremely claustrophobic and moody atmosphere! I do not know if it was his best show or not, but certainly adorned with the presence of this particular event.

THE hour had arrived 23:00 hopefully when Big Blood took their seats and started somewhere everything! Some might expect an acoustic show by the band and would not blame them, as they have some acoustic music compositions highest quality, yet they themselves chose to give us a more electrically charged show that certainly does not bother me any! With a new album in baggage (the really wonderful and highly collectible "Big Blood & The Wicked Hex") and plenty of fun traveled the more than 100 people filled the admittedly small area of ​​Fuzz Bar in a world of psychedelia! The same seemed to enjoy giving it 101% of their energy and experiencing really playing every note! Personally, I would like to dwell on the stunning voice of Colleen Kinsella, a voice with a rare metal that brought me to mind a great voices of American folk and country music and where the live performance was a huge surprise!"Oh Country". As for their set I was not personally complained, although I would love to hear the beloved at least for me "Oh Country". "She Sells Sanctuary" Compensated, however, and the above fact, the incredibly emotional performance of "She Sells Sanctuary" which captivated everyone!

Some live there would never be finished, but as all good things always end after about 70 minutes the Big Blood farewell our having left the best impression at all (and having left the window open I hope to return for a show still in future). Tip to those who buy the new album the band to do so immediately as once again deliver quality music lessons!

First and best in the same band for the rare opportunity given us to see it live. Big thanks to natural Fuzz Bar hosted this special event, to Panagiotis Spoulo, Alexandros Alexandridis and Lena Latinopoulou for valuable help and of course all of you who supported this event. But the biggest thank Costas deserves Kilymis to whom we owe in large part this evening (if there actually was he would not ypircheo this live)!He was the mastermind and helped greatly to live this night musical greatness that is at least personally I will remember for a very long time!


  1. When do you guys play? What are your tour dates? When do you play in the Rhode Island / Massachusetts area? You have a couple of big fans that would love to see you play but your Facebook page is not helpful.

  2. email is not working for me - what is it exactly?

  3. Very excited about your new record. Can you confirm the email address of Phase!Records? Thanks!

  4. it's phasemag -at- yahoo -dot- com

  5. We'd also love to hear down in the New Haven, CT area!

  6. great photos colleen! enjoying reading about your adventure. can't wait to hear about it in person! xo

  7. oh man guys, these photos are so great! looks like a phenomenal tour, no doubt. lots of love from matt 'n me!

  8. Just received the LP!

    Is there any possibility to get a link for mp3 ?