Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here's To the New Year ... an Odd One


  1. Saw this art here on the site Friday morning; liked it, growed it for a closer look. Surprised and happy and lucky to come face-to-frame with it (and one more) for a firsthand and full-scale view, that very night downtown in the JF gallery. Day a' the my favor. Very nice work.

  2. thanks...we saw you laughing at the piece and couldn't make sense of it...until now
    red hair, flannel?

  3. No, no...or, wait, do I have..?, no.

    I'm the skinny middle-aged (oy!) feller who's talked to you a few times, at Meg Perry Center, at Apohadion a few months ago; said Hi at recent holiday tables at SPACE and Picnic.

  4. you are.
    Glad you enjoyed the print first hand.

    I wonder what that guy found so funny about the print??

  5. We can't know. But the old ones say...when a ginger laughs by a gallery print, the snows will soon drift deep.