Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reviews and if anyone cares...

While searching for reviews of our new album, I found a few sites with Dead Songs, up for free download.
While we are all for sharing music and making it available to everyone, Dead songs is different from the music we release here at Dontrustheruin.
Every album we've made so far for free from WFMU here:

Time Lag Records invested alot in our album, making this our first proper release on vinyl and cd. It was and is a totally awesome experience to work with Nemo.
So in the interest of supporting a small (local, for us) business that does great things we ask that people stop putting Dead Songs up for download (and using Nemo's review!). Go here to buy it from the source.

Look at the shiny bowls and read this lovely review
and this one...
and this one
and thisone

1 comment:

  1. The album is a real beautiful item with a great artwork as usual.
    So buy it is the better choice.
    downloading = discovering
    buying = loving