Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Our Thanks to everybody who came out on Sunday night for the Meg Perry Center Benefit.  Attar Cups were absolutely  lovely...Uke of Spaces Corners were f-ing magical!  Their friend Caleb played french horn, guitar. 
We had post-show late night jams that made all the pre-show stress worth it!

We had a great time playing and singing our faces off. Our set consisted of mostly new tunes written for the show soon to be out on our very own Dontrustheruin records. Caleb covered Missy Elliot's "Pussy Don't Fail Me Now". I played two songs "New Eyes" and "Dreadful Hope" off of our upcoming Time Lag release.

Speaking of new releases...
Our newest CD-R wont be posted for another week. Caleb is responsible for this...he doesn't like the quicky home made  Cdr we put together for the night of the show. I handmade 15 covers and sold out of 'em all. So those are the only ones out there. We are getting together a double cd for the Tower of Song show this Friday.

We play Guthries  Lewiston, Me on April 17th.
(more details as they come)

All of our releases are available at our friend Paul's distro  North East Indie
He's fully stocked up as of today!

Thanks to Lee lee for taking fotos of us and showing your killer art.


  1. With all due respect to Caleb, the new CD-R is wonderful and gorgeous! Why is he not happy with it?

  2. hey patrick,

    he's a perfectionist!

    All the songs on the cd you have will be in the line up but there was a flow issue with the song orders. He didn't like the way the album played from beginning to end. Sometimes it takes a while for these albums to gel like Bleedin' Hearts and some are magic like the grive and sew your wild days Vol. 1. I really love what he's doing to these new songs and orders. We have so much material built up at this point that 2 cds make sense. Thanks for the feedback. You can post some of the songs from that cd on your blog if you want. I haven't had a second to lean anything new on this computah!

  3. what time are you guys playing tonight (tower of song)?

  4. I have posted She Sells Sanctuary on my blog:


    I will post a few more songs soon. I heard Tower of Song was great last night, so sorry I had to miss it!

  5. hey guys,
    I jumped on that blog with the few new songs and I've gotta say She Sells Sanctuary is one of the best songs you guys have done. I love it. Can't wait for the double disc! Will definitely be grabbing it.