Wednesday, March 11, 2009

music on this thing!

can anyone out there help us put our music up on this blog or link to downloads?
 We want to put all our stuff up since grown so ugly has been taking a break from the bloggosphere.

Friends and blog 'followers' already have alot of our stuff up on the interweb. So instead of repeating them I'll just link you to them. That way you can see their sits and download big blood and hear it all from people who actually like the music not write the music!

Here's Captain Groovy's site The Real Nitty Gritty
and Peter html whiz The Pessimist Club

Eventually we'll probbly post our stuff but for now we'll start with some tunes you may not have heard...coming soon.


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  2. Nice job on the tags!
    I would be happy to post BBstuff on my blog...
    Check it out:
    The Pessimist Club

  3. yes i would love to help.I'll make some links for you

  4. I would love to help also. I've posted tracks from most of your releases before, just let me know...

  5. here's a link to my blog where i just put one of your albums up & a link to the music also if you want to post it yourself.I'll post what i've got by you

  6. you've got a concert at the sahara club (2007) on, here