Friday, March 13, 2009

Barbed Beauties

 The Violent Femmes  were playing on our local radio station yesterday.   . The bass player's amazing spazzy lines and Gordon Gano's strained PMS-ee vocals ripped right to the bone. The raw, surreal and the real of their music  brought up the idea/luxury of making music and art on your own terms. About aspirations to make beautiful and deadly marks on paper and sounds in the air. Deadly as in exposing a truth.
Although I am seduced by beauty everyday . I believe it comes at a sharp and terrible price and so nothing --for me, can be just beautiful. My most powerful experiences with art and music are where the dark and dirty meet the opulescent beauty. Briefly exposed to sunlight in a burst of fire but never changing the works inherent grit.


  1. Hi just found your music at the Pessamist Club blog. I love it, have been playing it non-stop since. Any plans to come to the UK.


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