Monday, March 9, 2009

Music we love and put out on Dontrustheruin Records

Dontrustheruin Records is just us. We started up out of necessity wanting to self publish our own music without having to move a record through a label. We do everything ourselves with the exception of selling the discs through some friendly low key distributors.  We ask our friends and favorite living musicians if we can put out their music. Then we hand screen-print covers and Cd-R's, package them all up real nice and send the music out all over the world. Whoever writes us gets a CD-r if they are patient enough. 
Here are some of our releases: (Grown So Ugly blogspot has almost all of our releases available for down load in addition to reviews and other links. I can't figure out how to make Html tags yet so you must do the searching....if you know how to, please tell us)

 DTTR012 Big Blood & the Bleedin Hearts  
DTTR011 Uke of Spaces Corners  -  Watershed
DTTR010 Inspector 22 - IRNI
DTTR009 Big Blood - The Grove
DTTR006 &007 Big Blood -  Sew your Wild Days Vol 1 & 2 
DTRR008 Garm - Zeros 
DTTR005 Big Blood - Sahara Club & Space Gallery 1.27.07
DTTR004 Big Blood - Strange Maine 1.21.07
 DTTR003 Big Blood - Strange Maine 11.04.06
 DTTR001 Asian Mae - Collsing

write us here or contact us through our email address


  1. guys you are the greatest.I saw your previous artistic endeavor live at Gladtree & in Denton,Texas.I must say i just love the Big Blood material & presentation.Of course now i realize i don't have your entire catalog after all.I think i'm missing one of the strange maines & i've never heard of Garm or Inspector 22 but i'm on the lookout now.I just got the Bleedin Hearts release but it has a glitch on one track.Anyway i love your music & i'm thrilled there is a blog.Could i upload your music on my blog cdr would be great how do i go about getting one? And do you think there will be another Time of Two Rivers Festival? I missed out last year.Thanks for all the great music!!!

  2. oh your Bleedin Hearts release was uploaded & touted on this blog

  3. hi guys,

    Thanks for all the wonderful music and art you've sent me, you're still my favourite band, you knew that didn't you? Well now you do.

    all the best,