Thursday, June 29, 2017

PLaying Shows...

Being woke means playing live!!!!!
We are fighting the powers that be, however we can, no matter how long it takes,  thinking about the generations to come.


7/13    Big Blood w/ Colby Nathan, Ghost Note Ensemble & Months of Indecision
           @ 159 Sutton St, (Carriage house next to Barnaby's mansion on Broadway,  across the street from the Columbus.)  Providence, RI

7/14    Big Blood w/ Colby Nathan & Ruth Garbus(Feathers)
           @ - Dream Away Lodge Becket, MA

7/15    Big Blood w/ Weeping Bong Band, Gary War, Mozzaleum, & Viewer/Grasspath
           @ Abandon Dream
           39 K.Street, Turners Falls, MA

8/5       Big Blood with Village of Spaces Corners
            @ - Aphodian Theatre
             Portland, ME

STANDING ROCK SIOUX fight for all of our lives.
Water is life.
NO Pipelines. NO Bombs.

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  1. Big Blood is one of the most important bands in my life. I've been following your releases for about five years now and never cease to be impressed. I happen to find everything amazing - songs, lyrics, singing, attitude, way of releasing, promoting - you guys are a huge inspirition to me and I am really touched by your art. By the way, I live in Brazil - really this sort of connection is beyond frontiers. Hope to see you live one day - maybe next life. If Tom Kovacevic happens to read this one day, he should know he is also one of my idols and I adore all his work, together with you in Cerberus Shoal and Fire on Fire, and on Ola, but specially his solo album - one of my all time favs. Big hugs and regards from Brazil! :)