Monday, June 26, 2017

+++++ BIG BLOOD & Todd W. Emmert New Release!!! +++++

New DTTR Releases OUT NOW!
 This new batch of releases were meant to go out last November for our 10 year anniversary. Things got in the way and we were not able to get them out, so we are celebrating now!
It’s been a couple of years since we have put anything out on DTTR…
Do people still listen to cd’s /cassettes or read these types of blogs??
Regardless we wanted to celebrate 10 years  of Big Blood and DTTR  in the same fashion we started it, right herewith some of our handmade goods. 
In the coming months we be releasing a few more things here, so check back in.
 OUT NOW+++++++++

 Big Blood – Daughters Union – DTTR 050
 Celebrating 10 ½ years of Big Blood and Dontrustheruin
9 songs, 49 minutes
Dedicated to Elliott Schwartz & Yoko Ono
Listen FMA Here:
Buy Here:
 or if this is pain and you wanna buy something just write and we’ll figure it out.
 *Big Blood cassettes coming soon.

Todd W. Emmert – “Pushing Up The Daisies” – DTTR 045
 Each new Release by Todd (formerly Inspector 22/Shortman)we tout as his best yet… this is no different, The man has graced this earth with some of the best albums… period.   This is part 1 of Todd’s “Trilogy of Death”. Part 2 and 3 will be coming out in the next batch of dttr releases late summer early fall. Amazing, the music speaks for itself . Listen Here:
Buy the digital version here:
All the Inspector 22 output (20 years, 22 releases $9.20)
Buy Here:
*Cassettes coming soon

ALSO Coming Soon:
Big Blood & Thunder Crutch
Big Blood – Operate Spaceship Earth
Big Blood – Deep Maine
Todd W. Emmert - Funeral


  1. thanks for the update. been checking this blog and the bandcamp for months waiting for some new music.

  2. Yeah, me too. I usually check in around once a month on the off chance. Love what you guys do :)

  3. i check this blog religiously in eager anticipation of new releases. thanks for the update :)

  4. Also check this religiously, looking for new Big Blood material and hoping for some unreleased Cerberus Shoal album.

  5. Thanks for the update! I needed some news from you in my life. Cool new record too!