Wednesday, March 2, 2016

++++NEW Tape Release Out Now on DTTR and a mystery package...


Dimples’ – Obsessional Dream – DTTR051 - CASSETTE 
pro dubbed/printed and imprinted.

Left Coast and Right coast converge on this beautifully fucked up jagged folk gem. Precision laziness from our friends Colby& Greg.
Think Mayo Thompson Corky-era-herk and you got yourself an “Obsessional Dream”.   
We loved it so much we released it, what more can we say?

Catch ‘em while you can..on tape OR LIVE--or both!
On tour with Tom K & Caethua
Details below.

Big Blood received a strange package from the Ukraine 2 weeks ago.
It came with (excellent)honey, an SD card of tunes(not pictured) and a mysterious tea. 
The address was to difficult to make out and there was no name in the package.
A gorgeous letter about our music and instructions to drink only one cup of tea at a time.due to it's "invigorating" effects.

WHO ARE YOU?  What kind of tea is this?



  1. Well, it's Sideritis Taurica, I thought I've named it on the yellow paper. There's definitely too much of it in the teapot, the tea must be a real knockdown) And I forgot to warn you, please brew it for no more than 5 minutes, otherwise the taste will go bad.
    I didn't expect /the spanish inquisition/ you to publish this thing so I'm feeling extremely awkward( It'll be better if you forget about this terrible shame.
    Just hoping you've liked the music)
    PS Waiting for your dttr Big Blood CDs on etsy. Why have you stopped making them?
    PPS Sorry for all this.

  2. Send us your address via our email.
    we want to send you stuff.
    We love the package.

  3. Check your Etsy store.