Sunday, April 13, 2014


The FMA is up and running, you can listen or downlaod for free  all three new dttr releases there:

Big Blood - Fight for Your Dinner Vol. I Here 
Inspector 22 - Devil is Friend Here 
The Agrarians - Love Songs from 2011 Here 

We also Added 4 older releases to the FMA they are:

Asian Mae - Collsing
Dark Urrru - Starlings in The Corners of The Treetops
Id M Thfft Able - Head Down inna vitamin blush
Tarpigh - Asiatic Potters

all of these and more here: 

We are slowly uploading everything to bandcamp here: 
free downloads if you like (thank you to all the people who have been paying)

New Website Here:

To Purchase: discogs Here

We had the great privilege and honor of working with the GREAT composer Elliott Schwartz for the Ant Girls Project that can be streamed here:

For More about the Fabulous Ant Girls go Here:

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