Tuesday, September 18, 2012

!!New!! Tapes & CD-R's from Dontrustheruin

Id M theft Able – Head Down inna Vitamin Blush CD-R/Cassette - dttr 034
Amazing new album from Id M Theft Able. One of our greatest (Maine/US/Earth) performer/composers

A highly evolved album, super thoughtful and well crafted. Each piece is a journey unto itself and always serves as a microcosm to the whole. In every sense Id M theft able’s output could only be made by him, and in our opinion has no rivals. 
In a league all it’s own. Out on both tape & CDR!

Hand made and screen printed (11 songs, 51 minutes)

Sam Gas Can – Supreme Power CD-R/Cassette - dttr 035

One of our favorite dttr releases.
Personal, funny, spirited and loose Sam does it yet again. 
Proving that music is alive and well. At times there is almost a feel of listening to an old radio program, while retaining all the personal touch of a masterful bedroom recording. We are pretty addicted to this one and can’t stop listening. Double release- tape & CDR!

Hand made and screen printed (12 songs – 31 minutes)

Mudang Rouge - Fantasy Horizon – CD-R – dttr 036
From New York to the moon and back.
 Mudang Rouge is a force to be reckoned with. 
Chuck Bettis, Jerry Lim, Evan Rapport, and Josh Blair create bone-chilling pieces,with a complete and total disregard for boundaries.Each player brings his own style and voice to create a quilt of sound. 
For those looking for a reference…
Coltrane/The Boredoms/Fahey/Ikue Mori/Can/Sun Ra/Haack
Improvisation of the highest order.

Hand made and screen printed (12 songs - 52 minutes)

AAAAAAAAAAAAnd a fresh bit of old news…
 we just put up a bunch of releases on cassette including:
Big Blood Old Time Primitives & Dark Country Magic
As well as new stuff by Garm  & Therapy Tapes!

Also be sure to check the 4 tapes for $20.00 here.

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  1. all of the above in high listening rotation at our homestead! thanks guys, keep em coming! luv jax n matt n toody