Thursday, April 14, 2011

APRIL 30th: BIG BLOOD in Belfast @ The Free Range Festival!!!!

We are playing at 2:00pm with Shonny Bro and VoC @ First Church, 8 Court St
Other players of note: Asa Irons @ 11:45am Aarhus Gallery
Ancestral Diet @ 12:45pm Colonial Theatre
Cave Bears @ 3:15pm Waterfall Arts
Micheal Hurley @ 6:45 Colonial Theatre
Grass Widow @ 8:00pm First Chruch
go here for the full scheduele and links to the peeps who are playing! Northern Maine Rules!


  1. Pleasure to learn about you today! Maine is full of treasures!

  2. Well, what about making a live album? I imagine that it can be quite expansive, but I'm sure it would be great for those who can't go to your concerts ( and also for those who saw you, of course).
    Just an idea :)

    (PS: Sorry for the possible mistakes, english isn't my native language )