Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Listening to Records Part II

Soooo here's a new 7" of our old band Cerberus Shoal from waaaaaay back in 2003-2004 era when we were doing a theatrical performance of An Ongoing Ding...a response/continuation of the first "Ding". They were both poems written by a sharp cookie named Karl Greenwald. 
We sent the song to Alan Bishop of the Sun City Girls and Alvarius B. He liked it and agreed to put out a collaborative record with us(Cerberus Shoal). It's called The Vim and Vigour of Alvarius B and Cerberus Shoal.
This record is part of a series of 7"'s put out by Eternal Otter Records run by Panda Bandits Will & Alicia. They put on a show at Space Gallery to celebrate the release of these records.  All of the 7" in the series are really good. Get em' all. The Blaque Boose one is awesome!!

Caleb and I made this wierd helmet with C-shoal photos on the inside. Folks who came to the show at Space were supposed to listen to the 7" while wearing the helmet. some photos are below.
About Ding & An Ongoing Ding...Cerberus Shoal set the poem to music and... voila! Out came the first Ding. Listen here
I guess?. it's last FM and i still can't figure out bloggin' except to post links gracefully. 
Speaking of...anyone reading this that knows how to embed youtube in our blog HELP! PLease!

This record is part of a series of 7"'s put out by Eternal Otter Records run by Panda Bandits Will & Alicia.


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